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Opening at Eastern Edge’s Rogue Gallery

Last weekend I opened a show called Object Says in St. John’s NL. It was great to share this new body of work with the public. Happy to see my work in the same building as Jacinthe Robillard whose work I admire for its examination small details (of the human face and hands) which are seemingly simple but extremely revealing. I enjoyed watching people interact with my sculptures and found myself looking at people, searching for the details she so masterfully revealed in her work.



I wanted this work to appear as if a magical tornado had hit an average house. In this scenario instead of destroying it, the tornado tears everything apart and delicately puts in all back together in a new way. By changing the way household mechanism operate I aim to reconsider their meaning and ask questions about their design which we are trained to ignore.




This project will continue to evolve and this summer I hope to bring new work to public spaces for new opportunities and interactions. Watching people interact with the work has been the most enjoyable aspect, seeing people use these tools creatively and discover the magic I seen in them.

This show will be open until March 11th.

Thanks to Cox&Palmer, VANL, and NLAC for helping support this project.

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