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Pivotal Point Award

I am honoured to announce that I have received the Cox and Palmer Pivotal Point Grant. This means a great deal to me and I’m both invigorated by and appreciative of having people support me in creating an exciting new body of work called Object… Read More

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Save Point

This is a boy. He is late for school. His mother yells “Hey you’re gonna miss the school bus.” The boy replies: “Mom, I need to get to a save point.” Another fun painting collaboration with Kathy Oke and a found thrift store print.

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Crow (Racecar)

This photo is inspired by my love for race car photography. I made my lens follow the crow as it flew to achieve this effect. It creates a nice painterly blur. I took in the Corner Brook NL, area on a sunny nature walk.

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Kathy Oke and I are working on a new series of paintings. We paint on top of thrift store prints giving them our zany twist on what would improve the painting or ruin it depending on what you are into. This is the first one we did. I sketch out the basic design of the image and she goes in with her amazing painting skills and brings it to life. I’ll share some more soon.

Big Thanks to Hillary Winter for lending us this massive boring landscape to alter.